Vulcan Municipal Fire Permit System

Step 1: Apply Online

Why do I need a permit?

In accordance with municipal Fire by-laws a Burn Permit is required for all outdoor burning.

Who can burn?

Only those people in "approved" areas are eligible for a permit. 

Do I have to be the property owner?

Any person/tenant living in a rental structure or in an area having multiple occupancies WILL NOT be issued a burn permit UNLESS the Property Owner's Permission to Burn Form (pdf) is completed and signed by the owner.  This can be submitted when the Class 2 permit application is reviewed.

How do I obtain a burn permit?

You can apply online by proceeding to Step, or in person at any municipal office during regular business hours.

What can I burn?

You may burn wood products, wood by-products or leaves. Make sure you have a means of extinguishing the fire at all times during the fire.

Do I need to display my permit?

You must be able to produce your permit for proof of permit during the burn.

Once I have my permit, can I go ahead and burn?

Before you burn call 1-888-808-3722 one-hour minimum before you burn!

What if I burn without a permit?

If you burn without a permit -- or contravene any of the terms and conditions in the permit -- you may be assessed a fine and/or additional costs associated with suppression services rendered.

Don't have a computer or internet access?

If you do not have a computer or access to a computer, you may apply in person at any municipal office during regular business hours.


For information concerning the rules and restrictions in place for outdoor burning, call the Fire Department (403) 485-3115

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